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Did you just witness that one of your ads, or several just got a huge number of clicks, but your bounce rate increased? Or did your campaign budget got depleted in a short amount of time, but your conversion rate is still low? Then maybe your ad campaign has just fallen victim to a click fraud bot.

Click fraud bots are highly complex scripts that have been developed by fraudsters to influence ad campaigns and to drive up competitor’s marketing budgets or to create the false impression that a website has a lot of traffic so that ad buyers have to spend more to publish their ads on them. Such behavior is commonly known as click fraud and is plaguing the internet in more ways that you could possibly imagine.


Ad experts state during the month of January 2017, one in five clicks on an ad were fraudulent, done without any business-intended relation. Because it may prove to be quite difficult and time consuming for a fraudster to manually click different ads each and every day, they have created complex scripts like click bots to automatically do it for them. Even though these automate tools are smart and mimic the behavior of a regular human being, they are not untraceable. Click fraud detection software like the one created by ClickBrainiacs can and will detect them as soon as they start click spamming.

Using complex algorithms, we can see in real time the IP’s that are accessing your ads and detect if they are suspicious or not. Let’s just say that your ad is being accessed three times in 10 minutes by one IP, it may just be that a click bot is trying to spend your marketing budget, the solution is simple, our software will block that IP and then send you an e-mail to report the task. If you recognize the address and know it to be a “friendly” one, then you can unblock it, if not, you can report it to Google so that they can handle things from there. This software does all the actions mentioned above instantly and in real time. You can set your own rules for when it should block an IP or unblock it.

The software is completely customizable and ready to use “outside the box”. Preventing, detecting and combating Click Fraud is what we love to do here at ClickBrainiacs. Save your AdWords budget, use our anti-click fraud software!

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WiseVision is a click fraud monitoring software service. Our software was developed to detect, stop and prevent adwords/ppc click fraud.

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