Hot to market your Start-up online in 2018 – Part 1 –

There’s a Start-up for everything nowadays. You see people trying to reinvent almost anything from the basic hot mug to bicycles, the wheel or even the way we communicate with each other. Maybe you have a great idea, maybe your product is ready, tried and tested and the only thing that’s left now is to sell it. But how can you make your Start-up stand out in a sea of other small business like yours? Well the answer is of course the internet.


Selling your product online is cheaper and easier than having a physical store. However, you need to know how to promote your online shop so that from the get go, your target audience will start visiting you. The answer is as not as complicated as you would may think, however it will cost you some time, dedication and money to stand out in the very competitive environment that is the internet.

First of all your website needs to be top notch. It has to provide a clean and efficient user experience, let’s say that you are selling luxury watches,  a visitor will enter your website trying to find a new watch, right? So you will need to help him find the kind of watch that he desires using filters and categories, but not too many or he will get lost. Also, if he desires to find out more information about the make, or the functions of the watch, you need to provide the answers in a way in which the customer does not have to navigate more than two pages from the product. And so, we come to another crucial part of promoting your new Start-up, the copy behind it.

The online marketing aces always say that “Content is King”, meaning that if you want your online store to rank well in Google’s SERP and other search engine’s result pages you will need to have top quality content. Write blog posts at least once every two days that have at least 800 to 1000 pages that use both keywords are LSI keywords. So if your new Start-up has just reinvented the luxury watch, don’t just write articles with the keyword “gold watch” or “luxury watch” try to be smarter than the competition and explain the functions of a watch, what is a complication, how to read a diving bezel and so on. You will need to put time and effort into this, but trust me, you will reach the first page a lot faster if you offer both the search engines and your visitors with great information.

In further articles we will talk about PPC, Social Media and Youtube and even more ways in which you can promote your Start-up on the internet and get results from the get go!

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