How to market your Start-Up online in 2018 – Part 2 –

In the last article we talked about what can help you get a great head start in an ever growing online environment. We talked about how setting up your website to be SEO friendly from the get go. Now I will introduce you to the basics of PPC, mainly the great service that Google provides, AdWords.

Having a SEO friendly site will help you get a good position in Google’s SERP from the beginning, however you may notice that you will not get a lot of traffic or leads from the first month. This may prove to be a slight problem because you will need to pay your employees, your rent, etc. This is where Google AdWords comes into play.


Google AdWords a great solution for marketing your Start-Up fast

Google allows you to promote your business using this great platform. Let’s just say that you are selling the most innovative, ground-breaking, smartwatch. You have a great website, great content and your product has a great price, however, nobody on the internet knows about you just yet. Using Google AdWords, you can target the users that specifically search for smartwatches and your ad will show up on the top of Google’s result list. That way, before your awesome SEO strategy kicks in and your website shows up organically in the top results, you will be able to generate leads and traffic.

Setting up an AdWords campaign is quite easy. First of all you will need to set up an AdWords account at Then, you will need to research exactly what keywords you would like to target so that your ad will show up. For example you will want to target the users that are searching for “great smartwatches” or “cheap smartwatch”, after you set up your keyword plan, you will need to create your ad. Your copy needs to be sincere, to say exactly what makes your product so great and also to have a “call to action” phrase like “Check it out” or “Buy now”.

After you create your copy, you will need to set up a budget for your AdWords account, and this is where things may prove a bit tricky. There is a phenomenon that is plaguing the internet called Click Fraud. You may witness that you get a lot of clicks, however your bounce rate is enormous, even though your website and your product are top notch. This means that one of your competitors is clicking your ads with no intention of doing business with you. To keep your budget safe from such behavior, you will need to use our awesome Click Fraud Detection and prevention software. But more about that and other techniques about how to promote your brand new website you will find out in further articles!

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